Tilone (Ghana) Limited is a Marine Contracting, Subsea Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (I.M.R.), Engineering, Survey, Positioning, Environmental and Supply Chain Management Services company.  The company was incorporated on the 7th day of July 2017. The Company is built around a strong and experienced Board of Directors consisting of individuals and companies with varied capacities in various sectors including the Oil & Gas and Marine industries. The Management Team is built around the duo of the Managing Director and the Chief Executive Officer who both have very long years of experience managing successful companies globally. These will be supported by the local team of experienced officers.

Our mission is to be the best indigenous Ghanaian Company in rendering Marine Contracting and Subsea Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Services to the Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries in Ghana and to compete and exceed the capabilities of international competition.


• Subsea Construction, Installation & Commissioning
• Subsea Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs
• Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) Services
• Diving Services
• Onshore Geophysical/Geotechnical Survey and Oceanography
• Positioning (Barge Management & Subsea Positioning)
• Environmental Studies and Environmental Protection
• Engineering, Construction and Project Management of Oil and Gas Facilities
• Worldwide Sourcing, Procurement, and Supply Chain Management
• Marine Vessels Services

Subsea Construction,
Installation & Commissioning

•  Subsea Facilities Installation, Commissioning and Testing Support

•  Subsea XT Installation, Hook-up, Testing & Commissioning

•  Flowline Installation, Hook-up and Commissioning

•  Jumper Installation, Hook-up and Commissioning

•  Risers Installation, Hook-up and Commissioning

•  Manifold Installation, Hook-up and Commissioning

•  FPSO Hook-up and Commissioning

Subsea Inspection,
Maintenance & Repairs

•  Subsea & Offshore Assets Integrity Inspection & Audit

•  Valve Operation, Inspection and Testing

•  Jacket Inspection and Repairs

•  Pipeline Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs

•  Subsea Pipeline Leak Detection and Repairs

•  FPSO Hull Inspection

•  Buoy and Anchor chains Inspection

•  Underwater NDT

Remotely Operated Vehicles

   •  Offshore Construction and Installation Support

   •  Comprehensive Non Destructive Testing and Inspection of Subsea Structures (Jackets, Risers & Pipelines)

  •  Cathodic Protection Measurement (Contact & Proximity)

 •  Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement

 •  Flooded Member Detection

 •  Drill and Completion Support

 •  Dive Support

•  Debris and Seabed Survey

•  Subsea Acoustic Positioning and Tracking with USBL and LBL Systems


•  Subsea & Offshore Assets Integrity Inspection & Audit

•  Subsea Inspection, Repairs and Maintenance

•  Subsea Construction and Installation

•  Underwater Welding and Cutting

Offshore Geophysical /
Geotechnical Survey & Oceanography

•  Geotechnical Survey

•  Geodetic Survey

•  Debris Survey

•  Pipeline Route Survey

•  Subsea Facilities As-Built Survey

•  Current and Waves Monitoring and Profiling


•  Surface Positioning, including Rig, Barge & Vessel Positioning

•  Subsea Positioning and Tracking with USBL and LBL Systems


•  Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

•  Post Impact Assessment Studies

•  Environmental Baseline Studies

•  Environmental Evaluation Report

•  Environmental Monitoring Plan and Impact Mitigation Monitoring

•  Waste Management

Engineering, Construction and Project Management

•  Front End Engineering Designs

•  Installation Procedures & Analysis

•  Oil and Gas Process Facilities Construction, Installation and Commissioning

•  Oil and Gas Facilities Upgrades

•  Offshore Jackets Construction, Installation, Integration and Commissioning

•  Pipelines and Flowline Construction

Worldwide Sourcing, Procurement and Supply

•  Sourcing, Procurement and Expediting

•  Cargo Consolidation and Freighting

•  Clearing and Warehousing

•  Supply Chain Management

Marine Vessels

•  Operation & Management of Marine Vessels

•  Vessel Chartering



• Fleet of SMD QXP 200HP Work Class ROVs;
• Fleet of SMD MKII 150HP Work Class ROVs;
• Fleet of SMD QC 125HP Work Class ROVs;
• Fleet of Seaeye Falcon Observation/Inspection Class ROVs;
• An assortment of ROV Tooling;
• DO23 Standard Air & Mixed Gas Dive Spread c/w DDC, Dive PPEs etc;
• An assortment of Diving and Subsea Tools and Riggings;
• Complete sets of offshore Survey and Positioning equipment;
• Fleet Marine Vessels.


Tilone Subsea Limited: (Technical Partners): An international subsea solutions company certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007 for Quality, Environment, and Safety Management Systems respectively. She is also a member of the British Safety Council and International Maritime Contractors Association.

Tilone (UK) Limited: A global procurement services, logistics, expatriate personnel recruitment and other project support functions to ensure an executive and efficient management of the Company’s procurement needs including equipment, tooling, and spares.



No. 19 Buena Vista Valley, Community 14 | Sakumono - Tema, Ghana


+233 244387584